Your Hero's power (or Battle Rating) is defined in large part by their attributes or abilities. You will see these abilities referred to over and over again in descriptions of Hero Skills, Equipment, Angel Auras, etc. This page provides a list of those skills and defines what role they play in determining your Hero's worth on the battlefield.

Abilities DefinedEdit

Heroic Ability Definitions
Ability Abbrev Definition
Hit Points HP The amount of damage your hero can sustain before dying in battle.
Physical Attack PA Ability of the hero to inflict physical damage (e.g. swords, arrows, etc.). Directly countered by Physical Defense.
Magical Attack MA Ability of the hero to inflict magical damage (spells). Directly countered by Magical Defense.
Physical Defense PD Ability of the hero to mitigate physical damage. This is the counter to Physical Attack.
Magical Defense MD Ability of the hero to mitigate magical damage. This is the counter to Physical Attack.
Agility Agi Determines the order in which the heroes act within a given round of the battle. Higher agility characters act sooner in the round and may even gain extra attacks if their agility is significantly higher than their opponents.
Hit Hit Likelihood that a character's attack will strike their opponent. Directly countered by Dodge. Also seems to play a factor in whether a given spell effect (like a stun) will work or not.
Dodge Dodge Allows a hero to completely avoid an incoming attack. This is the direct counter to the Hit ability.
Critical Chance Crit Affects the chance that when an attack hits an opponent, it lands with a massive bonus to the damage inflicted. Directly countered by the opponent's Resilience.
Critical Damage Crit DMG
Affects the bonus damage inflicted when a successful attack also triggers the Critical Chance
Resilience Resil Ability of the character to avoid a critical hit. This is the direct counter to Critical Chance above.
Parry Parry Ability to partially avoid incoming damage. When the character parries a successful attack, they reduce the damage received by half. A high Hit value for the attacker appears to overcome the Parry ability of the defender.
HP Recover
HP Regeneration
HPR When fighting battles which multiple opponents (e.g. a normal Adventure level has 3 separate fights to win the battle, HP Regeneration determines the percentage of the hero's HP they regain during the "rest" between fights.
Rage Regeneration RageR Like the HP Regeneration above, Rage Regeneration allows the hero to regain a portion of their Rage during the "rest" between fights in a multi-fight battle.
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