Introduction[edit | edit source]

Explore (or Adventure) is a Player verses Environment (PvE) gameplay component of League of Angels: Fire Raiders. It allows players to collect crucial items like Soulstones to unlock and upgrade heroes, Equipment to promote their heroes, etc. The player progresses through a series of levels on the map, and on each level they fight 2-3 groups of NPC enemies. Defeating all the enemies on a level unlocks the next level.

Difficulties[edit | edit source]

The Adventure map is divided into three difficulty levels.

  • Normal - The base level. On average, if your League Level is high enough to unlock the chapter, you should be able to complete these levels
  • Elite - After you've flawlessly completed the named levels on the Normal map, you will unlock the corresponding level on the Elite map. Although there are fewer stages to complete in each chapter here, they are significantly harder than the Normal map levels.
  • Purgatory - Purgatory levels are currently the hardest levels to complete. You'll be fighting fully Awakened versions of the Heroes and they are organized into optimal teams. Don't expect that just because you can fight a Purgatory level that you will complete it!

Star Results[edit | edit source]

You receive a certain number of stars to indicate the level of your success against the Adventure level.

  • StarImg.pngStarImg.pngStarImg.png : Flawless victory. Your team beat the entire level without any heroes dying
  • StarImg.pngStarImg.png : Partial victory. Your team lost a hero at some point during the level.
  • StarImg.png : Marginal victory. Although your team beat the level, you lost 2 (or more) heroes in the process.

Defeating a level with three stars (without letting any of the player's heroes die) has additional benefits:

  • On each level the player has earned three stars, the Blitz option is unlocked.
  • Completing the Normal level with a 3 star result is also required to unlock the corresponding Elite level
  • You must complete the Elite level with a 3 star result to unlock the Purgatory level
  • Earning three stars on a group of consecutive levels (a "Chapter") unlocks a one-time reward of Diamonds, Soulstones, Gold and EXP Potions.

Blitz[edit | edit source]

After you complete the named levels on a Normal, Elite or Purgatory map, the option to Blitz the level will open up. Blitzing allows you to instantly complete a level. It still requires the same amount of stamina, but you don't have to wait for the battles to complete. As long as you're spending Stamina, you will receive XP for your heroes and League Level as if you had fought the battle normally. Limits on blitzing vary based on the difficulty of the map you're on as follows:

  • Normal - You can blitz 1 or 10 (with the proper VIP level) times in each attempt. You're only limited by your Stamina as to how many Normal blitzes you can do in a day.
  • Elite - You can blitz 1 - 3 times per day. You may purchase additional blitz attempts using Diamonds although few do so.
  • Purgatory - Purgatory levels are unique in that you don't spend Stamina on them. You earn 1 attempt at a Purgatory level (either normal fighting or blitzing) every 30 minutes to a maximum of 20 attempts. You may purchase attempts faster using Diamonds as well.

Adventure Maps[edit | edit source]

The table below lists level requirements to access the various Adventure levels. It also lists the XP you gain for completing the levels. The Stamina cost for each complete attempt at an Adventure level is the same as the XP that it provides.

List of Adventure Zones
Normal Map Lvl to Unlock Description XP (N) Elite Map XP (E)
Watchtower 1 The next move is heading towards Fort Battleaxe in order to resccue the prisoners. 6 Watchtower(H) 12
Fort Battleaxe 1 It sounds like a woman wrestling with a monster!How curious we are about the monster therein! 6 Fort Battleaxe(H) 12
Death Cave 1 The first obstacle before the League Forces is the soulfully corrupted Blue Witch! 6 Death Cave(H) 12
World Forest 1 Byron the Black, rascal that he is, has come up to stop our League Forces. 6 World Forest(H) 12
Deep Forest 1 The sounds of struggle ahead of us suggest that human beings are trapped by monsters. 6 Deep Forest(H) 12
The Nightfall 1 League Forces break into the Peace Zone while Nereida and her baby are having their dinner. 6 The Nightfall(H) 12
Peace Zone 1 Before the League Forces have time to celebrate, they hear the approach of the Troll Tribe through and their menacing chant. 6 Peace Zone(H) 12
Troll Tribe 1 Tauren Highland, as glorious as it once was, has turned into a wasteland with homeless ghosts wandering all about. 6 Troll Tribe(H) 12
The Barrens 9 The League Forces have accidentally broken into the Edge of Madness, where Pyronas intensely practice their magic powers. 6 The Barrens(H) 12
The Abyss 9 On the deserted Forgotten Border stands a figure dressed in green. She is an Elite Warrior from the Green Rangers. 6 The Abyss(H) 12
Shadows 9 A golden figure suddenly emerges. At a second glance, it turns out to be the fallen Atalanta, practicing her swordsmanship. 6 Shadows(H) 12
Bloody Wall 9 Having defeated the fallen heroes one after another, League Forces are now totally exhausted. But they can not allow themselves to slack off. 6 Bloody Wall(H) 12
Inverted Cliff 9 At the end of the Forgotten Border, the land and is now being guarded by the fallen Tauren Chieftain. 6 Inverted Cliff(H) 12
Storms Altar 9 Valkyrie emerges with great dignity. 6 Storms Altar(H) 12
Fierce Path 20 Driven by angered Demons, the underground energy is about to find its way out. 6 Fierce Path(H) 12
Flame Wrath 20 As told by the Nether Knight, cracks on the land could be caused by erosion from the Acon Gem, powered by Darkness itself. 6 Flame Wrath(H) 12
Disaster Root 20 In front of the heroes stands the fallen Green Ranger, clothes burning with a bright flame. 6 Disaster Root(H) 12
Fracted Soul 20 Whoosh, whoosh! the Princess is suddenly hurt on her left arm by two blades and bleeding heavily, by the Nightblade. 6 Fracted Soul(H) 12
Dragon Youth 20 We're now very near the Secret Cave of the Seal Acon Gem. 6 Dragon Youth(H) 12
Lost Chance 20 The Dark Forest have been spared from the traces of burning, suggesting it might be occupied by evil forces. 6 Lost Chance(H) 12
Dark Forest 28 Heroes suddenly run into a Bald Monk, holding a Cross in his hand. Seeming out of place, the Exorcist lunges at our heroes. 6 Dark Forest(H) 12
Cold Blade 28 The skeletons seem have just scattered around us, with the remaining glimmer flying away - It is no doubt a trick from the terrifying Shadowraith 6 Cold Blade(H) 12
Wraith Attack 28 I come, with a bang from the sky! A monster surrounded by flash appears in front of us along with the sound of thunder 6 Wraith Attack(H) 12
Thunderclap 28 It's a good chance to complain about the terrible food served by our company. 6 Thunderclap(H) 12
Fallen Spirit 28 This looks like an honest, hard-working man. Let's have him join or band of heroes! "Nonsense. I'm a boss, not a hero! Prepare to die!" 6 Fallen Spirit(H) 12
The Warlord 28 During the deep night, lit by a bright moon, we keep hearing the desperate howls of the wolves… 6 The Warlord(H) 12
Moon Howl 36 Welcome to the Amazon! Amazon Hunters should have been in that jungle rather than in this Old Castle all along."I am selling things here now!" 6 Moon Howl(H) 12
Assassinate 36 Sadly enough, we haven't eaten anything for a few days! What's worse, the Demon Hunter mistakenly took us for a band of evil demons! 6 Assassinate(H) 12
Demon Cave 36 Pyronas still want to take their revenge on us. It is no surprise that we hardly have any time to talk before the fight begins. 6 Demon Cave(H) 12
Fort Front 36 Princess, I can make all your wishes come true "I want something to eat" 6 Fort Front(H) 12
Raft Bridge 36 Finally we've managed to enter the Old Castle, but…why is there a Mermaid in the hall!? 6 Raft Bridge(H) 12
Fort Hall 36 The Old Castleit is about to collapse! Just at that crucial moment, a huge figure emerges. It's the Evil Dragon Sabranir! 6 Fort Hall(H) 12
Dragon Close 36 A group of people are suddenly stopped by a wretched elder at the Dark Forest Outpost, attempting to fool around with the women of the league. 6 Dragon Close(H) 12
Dark Outpost 42 Who tries to wake me up…Speak! The Voice of Death is absolutely terrifying. That is without a doubt the legendary King o' Bones. 6 Dark Outpost(H) 12
Infinity Road 42 The valley has turned into a scene of fire. To cross the Starcrest Mountains, you have to open a new route through the fire. 6 Infinity Road(H) 12
Meteorolite 42 The rapid scene changes have caught the Copywriter by surprise, and totally frozen his brain. 6 Meteorolite(H) 12
Necropolis 42 I have been a Melee before I was caught by an arrow in my knee, says a guider for the Morgan Valley, full of resentment. 6 Necropolis(H) 12
Mist Valley 42 Smurdunn Cliffs is said to be a sophisticated landform, difficult to cross even for Demons. 6 Mist Valley(H) 12
Sardin Cliffs 42 The Deserted Fort shows no signs of life. 6 Sardin Cliffs(H) 12
Deserted Fort 42 Whoosh, a Laser Arrow flies past and explodes. Deep down in the Stoneforest, there seems to be a naked man chewing tobbacco. 6 Deserted Fort(H) 12
Accursed 48 This is an area full of magic. A Besom suddenly shuttles across the sky. You are not wrong. It really is a Besom. 6 Accursed (H) 12
Doomstone 48 Various mysterious characters are carved on the stone tablet, but they can not be understood by any one from the League Forces. 6 Doomstone(H) 12
Reef Heights 48 This is a rugged Canyon full of stone tablets. When you look up, you see Valkyrie dashing towards you from above. 6 Reef Heights(H) 12
Stone Canyon 48 Yield to me or defeat me. It's up to you, says a cold voice. 6 Stone Canyon(H) 12
Fire Cage 48 I am going to avenge this grave insult to the Forgotten Realm! A golden figure dashes in with those exact words. 6 Fire Cage(H) 12
Crossroads 48 The Divine Light is another terrible monster that haunts this place! 6 Crossroads(H) 12
Arctic Domain 48 This is a No Man's land. Intruders have been killed by the devil, without exception. The Divine Light is another terrible monster that haunts this place! 6 Arctic Domain(H) 12
Boreal Forest 56 Time to fight, adventurers! Earthshaker has rushed over to you. This must be a powerful warrior who trained alone. 6 Boreal Forest(H) 12
Terror Cove 56 You are in Terror Cove, looking at the huge whirlpool on the sea. Some kind of monster is rushing towards you! 6 Terror Cove(H) 12
Bloodbane 56 This is a hijack! Get on your knees and put your hands over your head! Rose Knight leading a group of pawns over to you. 6 Bloodbane(H) 12
Foultusk Lair 56 When you got to the narrow mountain road, a little girl has jumped out and stopped you with her white falcon. People often say that fortune favors the bold. Go for it! 6 Foultusk Lair(H) 12
Elementalis 56 A monster, surrounded by lightning, is guarding the Sacred Elementalis. This place is filled with natural elemental power, which makes the monster more powerful! 6 Elementalis(H) 12
Nibelung 56 After a long walk, you have discovered several people who were training. The Princess was hit by a fire ball by accident. She became angry and suddenly a battle erupted. 6 Nibelung(H) 12
Void Dais 56 We have finally seen the sea. Tauren Chieftain stopped you before you were ready to set out. "Defeat me first, or else it just means that your end is nigh." 6 Void Dais(H) 12
Mist Plateau 61 Valkyrie rushed towards you from a height. Oh, seems like this has happened before. 8 Mist Plateau(H) 16
Fire Forest 61 You saw trees falling down far away. As soon as you got closer, you saw King o' Bones casting Whirlwind. 8 Fire Forest(H) 16
Nightwatch 61 You discovered two shadows guarding the outpost. You can see that murderous glint in their eye. They are Hecate and Earthshaker! 8 Nightwatch(H) 16
Torrent Camp 61 You found another camp. How come there are so many camps? 8 Torrent Camp(H) 16
Lok Bridge 61 You didn't know why it was called Lok Bridge. After you saw that luxury lineup on the bridge, you finally found out the reason, "Even Lok people can't get through." 8 Lok Bridge(H) 16
Bloodmaul 61 You might come across different enemies on the way, just like this time. 8 Bloodmaul(H) 16
Sardin Farm 61 My princess, we meet again. We saw the Great Demon King in the small farm, we just don't know what he is up to? Anyway, you have to go ahead. 8 Sardin Farm(H) 16
Deathknell 66 We are tanks! We can stun them. We can restore HP. What are you afraid of? Zweihander and Hecate are brazenly staring at you. 8 Deathknell(H) 16
Titanhammer 66 Everything has is rusting over. Even the place name sounds creepy. 8 Titanhammer(H) 16
Fireg Laputa 66 Why it is so hot here? Then you saw shadows in fire. Oh, you have come across Blazing Soul! 8 Fireg Laputa(H) 16
Blaze Altar 66 Arcane Spirit and Blue Witch were fighting. Watch out for their lightning and flying balls. You walked very carefully past their fight. 8 Blaze Altar(H) 16
Thorns Wall 66 Byron the Black, long time no see! How's it going with your teammates? The enemy became very angry and charged towards you. 8 Thorns Wall(H) 16
Ash Cave 66 I haven't seen you for a long time, Exorcist. Have you stopped going on stupid adventures? "No, I am just wandering." 8 Ash Cave(H) 16
Wild Highland 66 You defeated me last time after I learnt Royal Fencing. However, there would be someone to help me this time. Atalanta began her attack. 8 Wild Highland(H) 16
Upland Cage 66 You barely escaped from Headless Horseman and Evil Dragon. But now, you have come across strong Blood Warlord. Oh, my God! How can you carry on your journey? 8 Upland Cage(H) 16
Doom Citadel 71 Anything might happen on this rugged cliff. 10 Doom Citadel(H) 20
Arctic Beacon 71 With the help of the beacon, you felt that you have got even closer to the destination. 10 Arctic Beacon(H) 20
Arctic Furnace 71 Because of those raging flames in the furnace, you felt warm even as the cold wind blew straight through you on that cliff . 10 Arctic Furnace(H) 20
Hammer Fold 71 It's clear that it used to be a jail. However, what's happened to the guards and the monsters? 10 Hammer Fold(H) 20
Mystic Fort 71 If you are not powerful enough, there is no way that you can get through the outpost. 10 Mystic Fort(H) 20
Wood Upland 71 The highland on the cliff gives you a view of the whole area. 10 Wood Upland(H) 20
Hammer Fort 71 That horrible totem on the door is terrifying. It is clear that you can't stay here for that long. 10 Hammer Fort(H) 20
Death's Dais 71 The floating highland is surrounded with horrors. However, this is the only way ahead. 10 Death's Dais(H) 20
Death Lair 76 You can feel the horror in the air all around you. You are too busy to think any more. You have to fight. 10 Death Lair(H) 20
Fire Ridge 76 You know how destructive the war was from the ruins and the flames. Well, you know how dangerous it is ahead as well. 10 Fire Ridge(H) 20
Endless Sea 76 These palaces are now just a heap of rubble. The firelight and fog has made this place even more dangerous. 10 Endless Sea(H) 20
Despair Cliffs 76 After struggled through life, the Princess and her followers have become stronger and stronger. It seems that nothing can stop them, even the Great Demon King. 10 Despair Cliffs (H) 20
Wind Forest 76 Death is only the beginning. A bloodcurdling voice shouted out. 10 Wind Forest(H) 20
Mist Town 76 The fog makes people lose their way. What's worse, you don't know what are hiding inside the fog. 10 Mist Town(H) 20
Fetwa Hall 76 You are a stone's throw away the Demon King. Time's up! You must hurry up and get through this place. 10 Fetwa Hall(H) 20
Storm spire 76 10 Storm Spire(H) 20
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