Arcane Spirit ★★ Edit

"I am naturally filled with thunder. Oh,no! I was born to control the lightning."


It is difficult to see lightning with just your eyes. That’s why he has equipment to be seen.

AOE(Area of Effect) damage-causing Mage.


Chapter 10: Thunder and Lightning
He was born with the power to freely manipulate thunder and lightning. Like the powers that he wields, he is able to flash across the sky in an instant. He has only been seen with his armor, but his ethereal body is actually a combination of lightning and gas, appearing as an electrical storm given human shape.

I don't recall how I came to Ivalice, I only remember a booming sound in the sky and here I was.

Demon King
I fly through the clouds every day, looking at people on the ground and I was bored. Time to find something to do...

These humans are cowards, lightning and thunder make them quiver like children, the best is yet about to come...

To be honest, those who pick on the weak is no hero, I need a true challenge to make my life interesting.

Lightning and Thunder
There is a whisper:“young man, I see you are perfect fit for learning the ways of the thunder.”,Arcane Spirit:“What are you talking about, where are you?Why can't I see you?””I am the demon within you, defeat me and transcend yourself!”…

Use on Your TeamEdit

Tanks have even more levels of HP. It becomes more difficult to defeat a tank in League of Angels . That’s why players have to find another way. They surround a tank and directly attack those which cause a lot of damage and healers to the rear. Arcane Spirit is a Mage who is able to attack the enemy to the rear. It can cause damage 3 times at random and easily kill the enemy with a lower level of defense to the rear.

Arcane Spirit is a nightmare to all Heroes to the rear before players are able to get an epic Hero. His bewitching call makes the enemy completely lose control. The second skill Chain Lightning can cause damage on 3 random targets to the rear. It’s just a shame that this skill can’t be used on the same target. The ultimate skill Thunderbolt is like enhanced Chain Lightning. It can cause more damage on 3 random targets and even destroy a tank in a flash. The third skill Thunder Elemental can also passively increase attack. The epic skill Advent Thor can help the ultimate skill Thunderbolt increase the percentage of damage on the enemy. Once Arcane Spirit becomes epic, it becomes slightly more difficult to cause a lot of damage. That's why players need other Heroes such as Atalanta.

How to GetEdit

Arcane Spirit is available from the following locations:

Location Chance Energy
Death Altar(Elite) 30% 20
Blaze Altar(H) 30% 16
Elementalis(H) 30% 12
Thunderclap(H) 30% 12


Arcane Spirit Quality Upgrade Requirements
Quality Equipment
Common 10020 10060 10130 10080 10030 10010
Uncommon 20040 20010 10160 10130 10050 10070
Uncommon+1 30040 20200 20000 20030 10150 10030
Excellent 30170 30360 20210 20120 20040 20010
Excellent+1 30240 30230 30000 30040 20170 20090
Excellent+2 40260 30280 30130 30100 20220 20040
Epic 40230 40170 30220 30000 30010 20170
Epic+1 40320 40160 40000 30200 30170 30090
Epic+2 40380 40310 40150 40090 30260 30040
Epic+3 40350 40220 40260 40200 40060 30280
Epic+4 50150 50120 40380 30280 30200 30010
Legendary 50220 50140 50030 40310 40230 30200
Legendary+1 50270 50200 50090 50170 40290 40220
Legendary+2 50300 50310 50260 50220 50120 40350


Skill Description Effect
Summons a lightning storm striking 3 random targets in Succession. Damage+13
Chain Lightning
Has a chance each round to cast a lightning strike on attack an enemy in the rear line 3 times. Damage+10 on each hit
Thunder Elemental
Ability to control the lightning element can increase magic attack. Passive: Magic Attack+240
Advent Thor
Gather the lightning element to increase Thunder damage. Damage+15.5%
Thunder Awakening
Arcane Spirit enhances the damage of his Thunderbolt skill, changing his targets to back line enemies. Increase0.0%Damage




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