League Captains in League of Angels: Fire Raiders from the four corners of the world bring their teams of Angels and Heroes to the Arena to fight for honor and prestige!


This is one of four PvP Arenas where players can pit their team building skills against other players from around the world!


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The Arena recommends 4 opponents at a time.
3 will be a higher rank than you
1 will be a lower rank than you
The higher your rank in the Arena, the narrower the range of ranks for your opponents.
"Change" asks the Arena to select new opponents.
You can change once "for free" after each attack attempt (whether you win or lose)
You can also buy additional changes using Diamonds
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Battles in the arena will be performed automatically. No manual control is allowed.
Time is limited in Arena. If your team can’t defeat your rival within 2 minutes, you will fail.
Each player can attack other opponents 5 times for free each day
Your attack attempt counters reset at 5:00 am (server time) daily
VIP Level 6 increases this to 6 battles / day
You can also purchase additional attack attempts using Diamonds
There is a 5 minute cooldown period between each battle.
You can spend Diamonds to instantly finish the cooldown
You can set (or adjust) your defense team as often as you feel you need to
Your defense team can be different than your attacking team.
Strong defenders protect you from being ranked down.
Stall Teams are especially useful due to the 2 minute time limit mentioned above.
You move up in ranking in the Arena by defeating higher ranked opponents
When you win the attack, you will swap places with your opponent.
Attacking the 1 lower ranked opponent will not change your ranking (win or lose); however it does a couple of things:
defeating them will grant you Arena Points and therefore count toward Arena Point based Quests or Events
it also refreshes all 4 opponents for free the same as if you'd clicked on the "Change" button


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Each win gradually increases the amount of the following you receive as a reward:

Daily RankingEdit

Each evening at 21:00 (9:00 PM) (server time), you will receive an in-game email providing a reward for your current rank in the PvP Arenas. This reward is based on your highest rank in either the Arena or Ancient Arena.

Example: If you are ranked 12th in the Ancient Arena, but only ranked 22nd in the Arena, you will receive the reward due a Captain ranked 12th.

Rank Tips

  1. The timing of this reward means that there can be a flurry of attacks between 20:30 (8:30 PM) and 21:00 (9:00 PM) (server time)
  2. Since you only really need a high rank in one of the two Arenas, you can decide which to focus on
  3. There is a special achievement reward for reaching a given rank in each Arena for the first time; so you should try every now and then to reach as high a rank as you're able to.
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  • There is a 1 time reward for reaching a certain Arena Rank. So try to rank up as high as you're able to.
  • Choose either Arena or Ancient Arena to maintain your Daily PvP Rank
    • Arena may be easier if you can only invest in a single defense team
    • Ancient Arena may be easier if your best team isn't very strong, but your overall Battle Rating for three defense teams is higher than average on your server.
  • If you're using Ancient Arena for the Daily Rank reward, then use a weak defense team in Arena.
    • This will allow your opponents to move you lower in the ranks where your attack team will have an easier time defeating opponents (and therefore earning Arena Points)
  • If you choose to use Arena for the Daily Rank, then you can still "farm" wins by attacking lower ranked opponents.


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