There are many ways to enhance your Heroes and (to a lesser extent) Angels in order to improve their skills and abilities in battle.

  1. Training boosts experience points (XP) for Angels and Heroes alike allowing them to level up and gain power
  2. Runes are a way to boost selected Abilities
  3. Relics are a very powerful way to increase abilities of your entire team
  4. Emblems will improve abilities of a specific Heroic Class or Gender
  5. Crests allow you a degree of customization for your Heroes by choosing which aspect (e.g. Attack, Critical Hits, Defense, etc.) of their combat you wish to improve
  6. Astral Training lets you spend Astral Training Tokens to boost your Hero's offensive or defensive Abilities
  7. Angel Advance to improve your Angels' Angelic Auras.
  8. Spirit Upgrade to improve your Heroes.

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