Damage Per Second (DPS) is one of the four roles that Heroes and Angels can play. The others being Healer, Support and Tank. Good team building typically requires Heroes and/or Angels that play each of these roles.

DPS characters are designed to inflict damage on their opponents. While their skills may have secondary effects, they are principally damage dealers.

DPS characters and their skills may be further divided into additional categories such as single target, area of effect, burst damage, damage over time.

Single Target Damage
Single target damage is the term used when damage from an attack is applied to a single opponent.
Area of Effect (AoE) Damage
A generic term used whenever damage from a Skill applies to multiple opponents
See the Area of Effect article for more information about how the term applies to LoA
Burst Damage
Damage which is caused immediately upon a successful attack.
Damage Over Time (DoT)
Damage which begins after the successful attack, but which continues to "tick" over a given number of seconds/rounds/etc.
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