Dark Paladin ★★★ Edit

"What torture would you prefer?"


Dark Paladin doesn’t really like getting power but does like torturing the enemy. There have been no survivors of his enchantment so far.


Chapter 4: Evil Desire
More! My lust for power consumes me. But it feels so good...

Prison of Pain
In my prison I have many subjects for my torture, the source of my power. I savour pain and death.

There is an invader in my prison. How foolish of them! They have released some of my torture subjects, but I am not worried. Invader, you will be my next trophy!

How interesting. The invader is a vampire lured by the smell of blood from my prison. When I tracked her down, all my subjects had become her meal already. I find her increasingly fascinating.

Blood Baroness
How did Blood Baroness get away from me so many times? I dream of her being tortured and imprisoned. I want her day she will be the source of my dark power!

Blood Rite
How is it that I can't siphon her blood?!? Is it because she is a vampire? It must be me. I am not strong enough. I can no longer hunt humans only. Demons will be my prey as well!

Use on Your TeamEdit

Dark Paladin is a well rounded warrior who combines damage and control skills with survivability (including returning from the dead!)

Although his ultimate skill Infinity Sword can't cause massive damage, it won't increase the enemy's Rage either. The second skill Seal of Darkness has a chance to control and stop a rival from taking any action in a round. It also brings the bleeding debuff for two rounds in a row. The third skill Immortal Soul is what allows him to revive from death. The epic skill Demon God can passively increase HP.

Dark Paladin is a mediocre main tank, without improvements. His lack of defensive skills in his Runes makes it difficult to use him as a primary tank later in the game. With strong healers, he can work well in an off-tank role, especially in defensive "stall" teams where his resurrection will make it difficult to finish a fight within the 2 minute time limit. However, hence he already got a very high HP, why not use health based Crests? You'll see a good tank, which can stop front line enemies from getting rage from fights, may cause bleeding effect or might even stun a hero. Hence he can cause bleeding, it may sounds to be a good idea to pair with Nightblade. Keeping him together with Holy Keeper can result an endless battle.

"Use him at front line with massive HP, so your back is well protected."

Since you only receive his soulstones by hosting Feasts for your Guild, and from the outlet, it's hard to get his Soulstones.

How to GetEdit


Dark Paladin Quality Upgrade Requirements
Quality Equipment
Common 10000 10010 10150 10140 10030 10040
Uncommon 20020 20000 10170 10120 10160 10020
Uncommon+1 30020 20210 20150 20020 10000 10030
Excellent 30140 30160 20230 20270 20240 10040
Excellent+1 30280 30210 30140 30020 20150 10160
Excellent+2 40160 30250 30180 20310 20270 20110
Epic 40250 40240 30200 30140 30130 30020
Epic+1 40310 40210 40270 30180 30020 30100
Epic+2 40340 40220 40240 40110 30230 30140
Epic+3 40370 40330 40170 40190 30300 30210
Epic+4 50140 50080 40310 40220 40020 30250
Legendary 50200 50140 50060 40280 40220 40110
Legendary+1 50260 50200 50110 50240 40360 40180
Legendary+2 50290 50300 50280 50210 50080 40370


Skill Description Effect
Infinity Sword
Cast a magic circle to summon infinite swords against the enemies in the front line. The enemy cannot obtain rage from this attack. Damage+8
Seal of Darkness
Each round has a chance to summon a black chain that continuously damages and immoblizes a target for 2 turns. Damage+182
Immortal Soul
The Dark Paladin can reborn if dead, and return to the battle field after a short break. Reborn with 64.80% original HP and 310 Rage.
Demon God
The hero's immortal body will grant a massive HP boost. Passive: Max HP+2750
Dark Revenge
Gains damage reduction after rebirth (1 turn), attack increases (2 turns) Damage Reduction by 69%,Attack+50%




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