Dragon Queen ★★★Edit

"I will reclaim the throne that is rightfully mine."


The Dragon Queen was ousted from her throne by a terrible usurper. She has vowed revenge and is traomomg three cute little dragons for her comeback.

Interestingly...a Support Archer


Chapter 8: Rise of the Dragon
I come from an ancient clan of Dragons. Dragon blood flows through my body. Since birth, destiny has given me a single path to walk: Seek revenge against all those who betrayed my clan. I have been called many things; "Stormborn", "Mother of Dragons", "The Unburnt", "Roaring Mother". I am Dragon Queen.

Elder's Story
According to the elder who raised me, my father died fighting the Demons. I feel proud to be a dragon born, we will not bow to evil!

Dragon Blood
No one was born strong, but fate gave me blood of the dragon, so I must fight! I will do anything to honor my ancestors.

War is spreading across Ivalice, the Alliance have waited long enough. Now is time to take back what the Demons took from us.

Dragon Rider
Every member of the dragon race is a natural dragon rider. Dragons are our most loyal companion, they also help us on the battle field.

God's Weapon
I feel a power awakening inside me, my bow can no longer satisfy my strength, I need a stronger weapon. Here it is!

Use in Your TeamEdit

The Dragon Queen is interesting because her skills focus as much on Support as they do on DPS, a rarity for an archer. Her first skill, Dragon Soul, will damage and stun the enemy with both the highest and lowest Rage with a single attack. Her second skill, Fire Dragon, targets the enemy with the highest attack rating with damage and an attack debuff. Her third skill, Frost Scale, damages the two enemies with the highest range and reduces their Rage level. Finally, her fourth skill, Dragon's Descent increases her own attack rating, but also shields her teammates from damage.

If you're building an archer based team, you really need to acquire Dragon Queen. Her ability to reduce your enemy's effectiveness is without equal in this class of hero!

How to getEdit

Only available from Events


Dragon Queen Quality Upgrade Requirements
Quality Equipment
Common 10120 10020 10140 10040 10160 10110
Uncommon 20020 20060 20010 10140 10120 10150
Uncommon+1 30020 20250 20270 20010 20050 10140
Excellent 30180 30140 30060 20180 20310 10150
Excellent+1 30300 30230 30120 20240 20250 10150
Excellent+2 40270 30270 30140 30010 20210 20310
Epic 40210 40240 30240 30200 30180 20220
Epic+1 40330 40220 40130 30300 30140 30130
Epic+2 40360 40270 40200 30010 30280 30020
Epic+3 40340 40390 40170 40190 40020 30000
Epic+4 50160 50100 40180 40160 30200 30130
Legendary 50210 50160 50040 40300 40210 30300
Legendary+1 50260 50200 50110 50250 40390 40270
Legendary+2 50290 50300 50280 50210 50130 40360


Skill Description Effect
Dragon Soul
Shoots arrows of judgement at the enemy with the lowest HP, damaging and stunning him for 2 rounds; and to the enemy with the highest rage, damaging and decreasing his hit for 2 rounds. ( Effect will be added together if there is only one target.) Effects+10
Fire Dragon
Dragon Queen turns into a blazing flame, deals damage to the enemy with the highest attack, burns and decreases the attack for 2 rounds. Effects+15
Frost Scale
Shoots frost scales to 2 enemies with the highest rage, deals damage and decreases rage. Decrease Rage 55
Dragon's Descent
Awakes her dragon power to increase her attack and, at the same time, decrease the damage taken by her allies. Attack+110, Damage Deduction+5.5%
Song of Ice And Fire
Increase Crit chance and Crit damage of self Passive:Increase 750 points of Crit and 750 points of Crit damage




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