There are 4 different Experience Point (EXP or XP) potions currently in the game. They are used in the Train area to level up your Angels and Heroes

Size Color XP per Cost
Small Green pot +60 EXP 300 Gold for 1
Medium Blue pot +300 EXP 1500 Gold for 1
Large Purple pot +1500 EXP 15 Diamonds for 1
Ultimate Red pot +7500 EXP 75 Diamonds for 1

Upgrading Potions Edit

Note that you can also combine the smaller potions into the bigger ones. For example, 5 Small (green) potions can be combined into 1 Medium (blue) potion. You do this from the "Misc" tab in your Inventory. Tap on the potion, tap on Details, then tap on "Compose" or "Compose All" to upgrade them. The upgrading does NOT cost anything and you do not lose any EXP by doing this. It just makes it so you don't have to use as many individual pots when you're training your heroes / angels.

When combined with the above mention that you can purchase potions, an interesting option comes to mind for those players who have sufficient gold reserves. Since you can purchase a small potion for 300 gold and then upgrade 5 of them to Medium, etc. You can take advantage of this buy spending enough gold to upgrade to an Ultimate XP potion. See the following table for how this would work

Size Equiv Sm Pots Cost
Green pot 1 300 Gold
Blue pot 5 1500 Gold
Purple pot 25 7500 Gold
Red pot 125 7500 Gold

So, if your goal was to use 25 Ultimate XP Potions, you could purchase 25 x 125 = 3125 small xp potions for 937,500 Gold and upgrade them through the tiers to get your 25 Ultimate XP potions.

League XP Potions

Occasionally, GTArcade will offer a special type of "potion" which adds XP to your League Level rather than boosting experience levels on your Heroes or Angels. For this type of potion, you consume it directly from your Inventory rather than in the Train window. These potions have been offered via Special Events for particular levels of the VIP Program.

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