High VIP levels decrease the diamond cost for feasts.

The Feast Hall is one of the features of a Guild. At the Feast Hall building, a player can pay diamonds to host a feast, which grants stamina to all the guildmembers who attend. The host also receives a chest containing gold, experience potions, and rare hero soulstones. The system will announce the feast in guild chat.

Ordinary FeastEdit

The Ordinary Feast can be purchased by any member of the guild for 300 diamonds. It can have up to 4 participants; the first one is automatically the host who purchased it. It remains open for 15 minutes for other players to join in. After the feast, participants receive in-game mail with a Roast Chicken, which has a base value of 10 stamina. To increase the stamina value of the Roast Chicken, participants can spend 6000 gold to add sauce while the feast is going on. The host receives an Ordinary Feast Chest in addition to the Roast Chicken.

The Ordinary Feast Chest contains 60,000 gold, 20 large potions, and 1 to 3 soulstones for Blood Baroness.

Luxury FeastEdit

The Luxury Feast can only be purchased by players with VIP level 4 or higher. For a cost of 1500 diamonds, it allows 2 additional participants (for a total of 6, including the host) and rewards attendees with a Roasted Pig (base value 30 stamina, maximum value with sauce 90 stamina). The host receives a Luxury Feast Chest.

The Luxury Feast Chest contains 150,000 gold, 20 large potions, and 1 to 5 soulstones for Dark Paladin.

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