Gold Trial DetailsEdit

Gold Trial is a quick way for players to get more Gold during the game. Only Level 20 or above players can use it. All they need to do is attack the Practice Stake which has low attack but limitless HP. They will then earn more Gold depending on the amount of damage. Players can get the bonus brought by participating Heroes ’ Star Level.

Gold Trial

For example, the general star level of participating Heroes and Angels is 18, which means that players will get 18% bonus of Gold earned from the Gold Trial . When the damage reaches the specific amount that day, players can also claim the same large amount of Gold.
Players can take part in the Gold Trial twice a day. The interval is 10 minutes. Players can try it again from 5:00am every day.
 Gold Trial  is the best way to get gold!

Gold Trial RulesEdit

  1. Gold Trials unlock sat lvl 20,
  2. Difficulties unlock as your level increases,
  3. There are 2 Gold Trial Attempts everyday
  4. For each victory you will be recieving gold items,
  5. Gold items can be exchanged for gold in the Basic Shop.


Players will face random monsters/heroes in the Gold Trial every day. The pre-battle screen shows the number and formation of that day's enemies, as well as a “Recommended Hero” selection, which are heroes who should do a good amount of damage in the current Trial. Once you also get to a certain rank,you get ten extra seconds in Gold Trial.

In choosing a team for the Trial, players should consider how to maximize their team's focus on the enemy's formation, which will vary from one day to the next. For instance, if the enemy party is a single front-row fighter and three back-row mages, players might want to bring Grimbow for his back-row-attacking special. If all six enemy slots are filled, more general AoE attacks like Atalanta or Demon Hunter's specials would be useful. With a single boss enemy, bring focused single-target damage dealers.

  • Because the enemies do relatively little damage, and because the reward is based on dishing out as much damage as possible in the span of two minutes, players may want to bring Damage-type Angels. An early game player with few Angels to choose from could use Vienna, with the added bonus that she can also provide a quick heal if the player's team is underpowered.
  • One member of the player's team can be a Mercenary hired from another member of the player's Guild. Remember to check the available Mercenaries to see if there's a good choice in the lineup for the day's Trial.

Stages Edit

Day 1 Edit

Recommended Heroes
Front Line Attackers

301000 311000 210000 302000 108000 300000

Back Front

Day 2 Edit

Recommended Heroes
Singular Target Attackers

309000 202000 203000 101000 205000 207000

Back Front
  • Evil Dragon
  • Level: 80
  • HP: 50000000
  • Power: 100
  • Agility: 3
  • PD: 0
  • MD: 0
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