Headless Horsemen ★★★Edit

"Hatred makes me fearless. Make this a better world, young kid."


Headless Horseman is a horrible creature born from people's hatred. When he is around, there is nothing but hatred.

A warrior with control and AOE attack skills


Chapter 7: Screams from the Hollow
Once a noble knight, he suffered a gruesome death when his head was cut clean from his shoulders during a fierce battle. At the moment of death, hatred and anguish consumed him and his soul became a spectre. He now has an undying hatred for the living and roams the night spreading death and destruction.

Strange Disappearance
Valley of Sleep was an ancient battlefield, people later built a village over it because it was peaceful. Until one day people started to disappear. It seemed everytime it happened people heard sound of hooves in the night.

Legend of Valley of Sleep
The elders of the village tremble as they tell this story: When the night is dark, the Headless Horseman will show up at the Village of Sleep. Everytime his horse neighs, someone dies. Legend says he is only looking for his head, but the elders don't think so

Deathly Village
“We need the help of the Night Sentinel!”,“I can't take this anymore!”,“Let's just abandon this place and run for our lives.”……The people's fear kept growing, whenever night comes, it gets deathly quiet, not a sound was heard.

Night Sentinel
The Night Sentinel gazed into the forest full of mist, hand on the bow, face blank of expression. The real battle is about to begin, should be a strong adversary.

Show Down
A shriek broke the silence of the Valley of Sleep, with it, out of the mist came a rider clad with armor on an undead horse. Except the horseman was not headless, but with a burning blue skull.

Use on Your TeamEdit

Headless Horseman's ultimate skill can cause damage on all his enemies and get the chance to silence a rival at the same time. His second skill can absorb HP (healing himself) and Rage from his opponents. His epic skill increases his Physical Attack. Headless Horseman is good at controlling and causing lots of damage. It is a good idea to use him as an assistant tank. You can get the Headless Horseman from Ancient Arena with 1000 ancient arena tokens and from Mystic Divination.

You may want to use him at Wharf boss fights to silence the boss - to avoid getting slapped by "Arcane in your face" - or in PvP, as an alternative to other Control Heroes against strong tanks. However, until HH at his maximum development, his Attack rating is low enough that he can miss quite often. Therefore, you may want a Buffing Hero or Angel who can raise his Attack and/or Crit Abilities until his skills reach their full potential.

HH Defense Abilities aren't very strong; so he's not very effective as a Tank. You may want to spare his life and place him behind a meatshield like Elder Dwarf or similar Tanking Heroes. Unless you are doing boss fights (where the boss and the minions tend to have low attack). In that case place him front for faster Rage generation.

While Exorcist can also silence enemies and can silence more than two heroes, a maxed out HH has a higher skill chance overall and he can aim at a whole row (verses Exorcist who hits random targets). He can be rather good against heroes whose damage depends on skill usage (e.g. Jack Hallow).

HH is more like a "use when needed" hero, rather than a "must have" member of your team for every battle. Unless the opponent has a very low level and/or Defensive Abilities, he's not going to "own" the battlefield.

How to GetEdit

Purchased from the Ancient Arena Shop.


Headless Horseman Quality Upgrade Requirements
Quality Equipment
Common 10010 10040 10140 10170 10050 10030
Uncommon 20130 20000 10140 10040 10020 10080
Uncommon+1 30020 20140 20250 20020 10030 10150
Excellent 30180 30130 30020 20170 20140 10160
Excellent+1 30270 30200 30010 20150 20290 20240
Excellent+2 40160 30210 30250 30100 20270 20150
Epic 40200 40240 40020 30280 30140 30110
Epic+1 40300 40250 40170 30140 30160 30110
Epic+2 40360 40330 40310 40110 30210 30010
Epic+3 40390 40370 40220 40190 40020 30180
Epic+4 50140 50100 40300 40240 30250 30180
Legendary 50200 50080 50010 40360 40160 30300
Legendary+1 50260 50200 50110 50240 40370 40190
Legendary+2 50290 50300 50280 50210 50160 40390
Legendary+3 0004001 50260 50260 50290 50230 40390


Skill Description Effect
Death Charge
Headless Horseman's death charge brings endless fear and causes damage to enemies in a row and may silence them for 2 rounds. Damage+20, +41% chance of slience
Arcane Spear
The high-speed spear causes damage, drains HP and rage. Damage+18
Undead Body
The Headless Horseman's immortal body receives a HP Boost. Passive: Max HP+1200
Power of Soul
A lifetime of practice makes her even more deadly. Passive: Attack+550
Siphon Soul
Horsemen's attacks will steal life from opponent. Certain percentage of damage is turned into HP HP steal 30%



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