Healer is one of the four roles that Heroes and Angels can play. The others being DPS, Support, and Tank. Good team building typically requires Heroes and/or Angels that play each of these roles.

The healer's job is to repair damage done by the enemy. While they may have other skills (typically in the Support role), their primary role on the team is to act as the team's doctor / medic.

A healer character or their skills may be further categorized into direct healing or heal over time.

Direct Healing
Healing which applies immediately upon the successful completion of the healing skill
Heal Over Time
Healing which begins when the healing skill is successful, but which continues to apply it's healing effect over a given number of seconds/rounds/etc.
Typically, this type of healing has a lesser effect per tick than direct healing
However in trade-off it may offer more total effect if the healing target survives the entire cycle.
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