Hell Hound ★★★ Edit

"Feed me!"


Each of the Hell Hound’s heads have a different ability, he is strong in both offense and support.

A DPS Warrior with some significant Support skills


Chapter 12: Redemption
"My roar can tear the land asunder!" Hellhound was once the guard of the Underworld. Corrupted by the Demon King, he was sent to devour Ivalice. However, he was saved by the Angels and has now become their most loyal guardian.

Twisting Time
The Hell Hound is not from hell, but a place much worse. The Demon Lord brought him to Ivalice.

To thank the Demon Lord for their freedom, they became servants of the Demon, haunting the land.

The Angels tried everything to purge their soul, luckily it worked. So the Hell Hound that once ravaged the land is now its protector.

After the purification from the angels the Hell Hound gained the ability to drain life, coming in extremely useful while combating demons.

Use your teeth and tear those demons apart, your power is far superior!

Use on Your TeamEdit

Hell Hound holds great sway over the battlefield. The ultimate of Hell Hound targets enemies with lowest HP and highest Rage, absorbing HP (self-healing) and Rage. Hell Hound is also able to protect his teammates in the back row with his aura, lowering their incoming damage. The Hell Hound is a nightmare for Mage enemies at the rear (who were relying on their Rage build up). To sum it all up, Hell Hound is excellent both defensively and offensively.

Although his defense is low, it is still not wise to assign defensive Crests to him, you should focus more on his abilities - such as attack (Assault) or agility (Flash).

The recommended formation depends on the battle, but you are usually placing him in the back column or top / bottom in the front column to gain rage ASAP. He typically won't be strong enough to hold the middle of the front line on his own - yet. If you want him to stay alive, consider a safer placement. For example, if he will not survive attacks on the front column, then move him to the back behind a tank.

He needs agility and rage to activate his best skills, so having a Light Envoy or a good Control Angel with a Rage buff on the team can help a lot. Have you tried him with Styx at the Demonic Invasion boss fights? You think he is male and he is not recommended so you don't need to bother with him? Maybe you are wrong!

"Focusing on stealing rage from three heroes or from a boss, while doing acceptable damage and self healing." /Adjneki/


He is low on defense, so - unless your attacker is weak and he can dodge / resist - you can usually 1-shoot him with a Panda or similar hero.

How to getEdit

Soulstone only drop from Events.


Hell Hound Quality Upgrade Requirements
Quality Equipment
Common 10040 10010 10150 10140 10080 10030
Uncommon 20020 20000 10140 10170 10010 10050
Uncommon+1 30020 20140 20250 20050 10160 10030
Excellent 30180 30320 20210 20270 20000 10140
Excellent+1 30270 30200 30130 20290 20020 20010
Excellent+2 40240 40000 30210 30180 20210 20250
Epic 40220 40270 40020 30250 30130 20020
Epic+1 40330 40190 40180 30210 30160 30020
Epic+2 40370 40240 40210 30280 30180 30010
Epic+3 40360 40330 40280 40160 30280 30140
Epic+4 50160 50110 40390 40000 30240 30200
Legendary 50200 50140 50020 40360 40200 40100
Legendary+1 50260 50200 50130 50180 40310 40270
Legendary+2 50290 50300 50280 50210 50100 40370


Skill Description Effect
Killing Spree
Hell Hound bites ferociously and attacks 3 targets with the lowest HP then absorbs their HP and Rage. Damage+20
Bloodthirsty Attack
Attacks the enemy with the highest HP, damaging the target and absorbing HP. Damage+18
Guard of Wind
Protects the teammates to the rear and decreases any damage they suffer for 2 rounds. Decrease all Damage by 14.5%
Demon's Bite
Attack the enemy with the highest Rage. Deals damage and absorbs the target's Rage. Effects+55
Ghosts of Hell
Absorbs countless souls from hell, greatly increasing HP and Hit chance. Passive: increase 7500 points of HP and 750 points of hit chance




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