The League Level is how League of Angels: Fire Raiders defines your overall progress in the game. One way is to think of it as your own personal level. You gain League XP through various Gameplay Activities and Quests. Your League Level limits the maximum levels your Angels and Heroes can reach. There are also various aspect of gameplay which are only unlocked once you reach a certain League Level.

The current maximum League Level is 100

Level Limited ContentEdit

The following content only unlocks after you've reached the appropriate League Level

Level Feature
5 Hero Skills
6 Angel Skills
8 Training
Stage Blitzing
9 Elite Stages
10 Chat
12 Shop
15 Arena
16 Mysterious Merchant
17 Auto-Fight
18 Angel Trial
19 Celestial Merchant
20 Gold Trial
22 Guilds
20 Challenge
35 Runes
40 Hero Trial
45 Treasure Raid
50 Emblems
55 Demonic Invasion
60 Ancient Arena
Relic Dungeon
61 Astral Training
65 Crest
71 Awakening
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