Welcome to the LoA:FR WikiEdit

On this page you will find links to articles we've written specifically for creating content for the League of Angels: Fire Raiders wiki. Most of these will talk about the Templates, Styles, and Themes that we've defined to make adding content easier and maintain a consistent look-and-feel for the wiki.

General Wiki HelpEdit

For general help about creating wiki content, please see the Wikia and MediaWiki help pages.


Given that our wiki is focused entirely on the League of Angels: Fire Raiders game from GTArcade, we naturally have a lot of images which are from the game (either directly or via screenshot). As a rule, we'll use two different licensing indications on any images we upload. These options have been added to the drop-down list when you upload your files.

  • {{GTArcade}} - This is used for graphics files we've pulled directly from the game, GTArcade has given us permission to use those images on this wiki for purposes of helping their players enjoy the game even more.
    • However: This is not a license to use these images anywhere other than on articles in this wiki.
  • {{Screenshot}} - This is for screenshots of various UI and Gameplay elements. Screenshots can be tricky in Copyright discussions, so our indication acknowledges that the content of the game is protected under copyright laws and that we will use the screenshot of said content in a manner consistent with how U.S. Courts have interpreted "Fair Use".

Fan ArtEdit

Anyone uploading "Fan Art" should either

  1. Procure the artist's permission to have their art included here, and choose an appropriate license (typically {{Permission}} although it would also be polite to indicate the artist in comments on the file)
  2. If you are the artist, you can choose the {{Self}} license option

Our TemplatesEdit

We have been working with the style and formatting tools that Wikia provides to make the look and feel of the site more friendly both for computer browser access as well as via mobile devices and the Wikia Community Apps.

The League of Angels: Fire Raiders Templates page has a wealth of information about templates that we have defined.

Our AdminsEdit

Feel free to contact any of the following with additional questions:

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