Lunar Priestess ★★★Edit

"Umm, I feel like a new person all of a sudden."


Lunar Priestess is the noblest of all the priestess of the Elves. They live in the depth of the dark forests, guarding the Palace of Luna. They guide the moonlight to the world of the humans at night and lead lost people with light through the eternal darkness. Their main task is to resist Nibelung in the frontline. Under the shadow of death, they drive away the darkness, just as they have been doing for thousands of years.

A good general purpose healing Mage.


Chapter 6: Echoes in the Temple
I was in charge of taking care of Luna's Temple. Each day I welcomed visitors that came to offer their prayers to her. It was a peaceful and fulfilling life. Then the day came when the sky turned dark and the land was engulfed in chaos. I must get stronger to protect my home and the people!

Ancient Legend
My mentor once told me of an underground cave in this temple that holds an ancient tome of spells. Only the strongest of the priests and priestesses can wield this power. I want to give it a try!

Target: Underground Cave
Nobody had ever been allowed to enter this cave. Hopefully Luna will forgive my transgression.

Memory in an Instant
This was a brand new trial. Luna is testing my resolve and strength. This brings me back to the time when my mentor encouraged me to become a priestess. I wonder if my mentor is doing ok...

Tome of the Moon Goddess
As I approach the altar I felt the power growing. It was said that people who came before me were all destroyed by this power. I hope the same fate will not fall on me.

Might of the Moon Goddess
"Luna, Goddess of the Moon, I will devote myself to this land and it's people. Grant me your power." The altar started shaking, the tome began to glow, then everything turned white. What is happening?!?

Use on Your TeamEdit

Lunar Priestess is a good healer, especially when healing a group of targets. She can work with so many Heroes in the Angel Trial and the Arena. Players can use Lunar Priestess with Mermaid or Djinni together.She can also work well with damage and control angels because of her team healing skill.

Lunar Priestess represents the moon. She has a mysterious healing ability. Let’s have a look at the link between this healing effect and the Runes.

Everyone knows that the healing effect is related with attack and Crit. As to the first skill Lunaria's Blessing, the attack and Crit bonus brought by Runes would help Lunar Priestess increase the healing effect. While working with the attack and healing bonus brought by the second, third and fourth skills, Lunar Priestess would be a great healer. Lunar Priestess can also heal a target several times. It increases the Crit Chance. The Health, Magic Defense and Toughness bonus brought by Runes can help Lunar Priestess survive for longer. As for the third skill Power of Lunaria, Lunar Priestess can increase attack. While Lunar Priestess increases the healing effect, she can also increase the damage against the enemy. Working with the attack and Crit bonus brought by Runes, Lunar Priestess can cause considerable damage even from common attack.

Due to Lunar Priestess ’s high healing effect and excellent stats, she can work well with Mermaid, Djinni, Zweihander, Nether Knight, Astral Child and Nyssa to create a Turtle Formation. However, if you want to cause more damage, you can replace Astral Child with Night Sentinel.

How to getEdit

Lunar Priestess is available from the following locations:

Location Chance Energy
Moon Tempel(H) 42% 12
Despair Cliffs(H) 30% 12
Lok Bridge(H) 30% 12


Lunar Priestess Quality Upgrade Requirements
Quality Equipment
Common 10060 10110 10130 10120 10020 10010
Uncommon 20010 20040 10160 10150 10080 10100
Uncommon+1 30040 20240 20200 20000 10050 10170
Excellent 30170 30130 30120 30000 20280 20010
Excellent+1 30260 30220 30050 20210 20230 20040
Excellent+2 40260 40010 30280 30190 30040 20000
Epic 40230 40170 30150 30240 30030 20260
Epic+1 40320 40200 40120 30290 30130 20210
Epic+2 40370 40270 40180 40130 40000 30220
Epic+3 40350 40310 40290 40260 40120 30200
Epic+4 50150 50030 40370 40190 40310 30290
Legendary 50200 50140 50000 40380 40260 40100
Legendary+1 50270 50220 50120 50250 40290 40180
Legendary+2 50300 50310 50260 50200 50150 40350


Skill Description Effect
Lunaria's Blessing
Prays to the Lunaria to cure teammates in the front line with lunar essence. Healing Amount+9
Divine Favor
The learned Lunaria spell will increase healing amounts and expand targets to all teammates. Healing Amount+15.5%
Power of Lunaria
The priest of Lunaria has increased his/her magic attack through learning. Passive: Magic Attack+240
Blessing of Moon
Give 2 teammates a moonlight blessing every 2 rounds, enhancing rage and attack. Rage+105, Attack+10.5%
Moon Prayer
Continuously heals target, also grants self with a shield that turns incoming damage to HP, lasts 2 turns. Effects+20%




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