Welcome to League of Angels: Fire Raiders

This wiki is about the mobile game League of Angels: Fire Raiders by GTArcade. We provide information about the Angels and Heroes and Gameplay aspects so that you can get the most out of your playing experience.

Current Focus

We're currently working on a few things on the wiki

  • Completing content - There are several areas (particularly in the Gameplay section) which could use additional content.
  • Mobile Experience - We've recently re-coded the infoboxes to use a more mobile friendly format, but there are some other areas we may need to address.

Areas to Help

If you're looking to help, we'd suggest:

  • Stop by our LoA:FR Wiki Help page for information about the templates, themes, and styles we've created to make content creation easier.
  • The Use on Your Team portions of the Hero pages.
  • The Guild section has a lot of stub articles in it.
  • Any page in the Article Stubs category has been identified as needing more content.

More Information

For more about the wiki itself, please check the Wiki Topics category of pages!

Admin Team

If you have any suggestions for the wiki that you think would make things easier to find or information we aren't covering, please drop a line to one of the admins here:

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