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GTArcade maintains official forums for League of Angels: Fire Raiders. They are located at the GT Arcade Community Site.

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Welcome Fire Raider Heroes! My names Temudgin from (S157) Haran.

Here you will find useful tutorials when navigating League of Angels Mobile forums. The GTArcade platform is a little bit confusing but once you know where to go and where to click you will be able to solve most unknown features the platform offers.

This is a map that will show where you need to go in order to customize or find information needed to be more engaged in the forum. Now you will be able to find all information regarding the forum without searching through out the site. Please feel free to add content as we go.

Linking Profiles[edit | edit source]

The most common issue is forgetting a user IGN (In Game Name) and server name. GTArcade support can help you find your information when you have your GTArcade account linked to: Facebook, Google, Twitter, Yahoo or Windows Microsoft. Please be advised that linking your GTArcade profile to one of these accounts should be done before a game update (if you haven't done it already).

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One of many recurring questions about the forum is where to go to change your profile avatar. Here you will find a step by step tutorial about changing your profile avatar.

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Why can't I have a banner in my signature?

The platform the forum is built on has a feature that allows registered users to level up their accounts to unlock capabilities within the forum. This feature hasn't been enabled by the games developers. There is no information regarding if this feature will ever be available. In the image below you can see that a BBCode can be incorporated into the signature. There is no restriction though about adding a banner in the post itself. To see how to place a banner in your post please see reply feature.

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Helpful Forum Threads[edit | edit source]

On the League of Angels - Fire Raiders Forums there are several threads with information that is helpful to both the new and experienced player. This is an attempt to list some links directly to those threads we find to have the best information.

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