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"Are you hungry? I can roast some meat for you."


The Dragon are one of the noblest races in the entire world, especially Silver Dragon. It is said that they are blessed by Luna, which is why they shine just like the moonlight. Nereida has always been a treasure. When she was born, the stars shined brightly. A beam of silver light fell upon her. The Dragons were shocked and believed that Nereida was the embodiment of Milkway Goddess Ahanna. Later, Nereida proved herself that was true by what she can do and has done. She is truly the apple of the Dragon’s eye. Her pet isn’t that well-trained. Every time a battle starts, she has to use tasty food to lure her pet.

Back row killing DPS mage with control skills


Chapter 5: Adventures of a Princess
Hello, I am Princess Nereida. For as long as I can remember, life consisted of eating, sleeping, and picking on Beanz. Oh, Beanz is my pet dragon. He's only 200 years old this year. I started this chronicle because my parents told me I should go experience life outside these walls. Before I could refuse, they dragged me all the way to Ivalice!

Dragon's Emergence
I thought I would be attacked by beasts on my journey, but Beanz was the fiercest of them all. He even eats skeletons!

Hungry Drake
Beanz dragged me into the valley of the dead. He seems to be attracted by some smell. How can there be anything edible in this place?

Light in the Cave
The valley grows narrow. By the weak moonlight I sense we have entered a cave. At the entrance is a fire, must be a barbecue. Well, since we have already came this far, might as well check it out!

Beast and Magic
We arrived before a stone door. In front of the door is a little girl and over the fire is a giant turkey! Beanz sprung forward without hesitation. The little girl, instead of being afraid, dropped into her battle stance.

Sudden Attack
The little girl turned out to be a Summoner, but she was 215 years old. The "giant turkey" was her falcon. She is here to defeat the dragon and rescue Atalanta. Suddenly, we heard a dragon's roar. It is near...

Use on Your TeamEdit

Nereida can be used as an off-tank thanks to her high HP and defense abilities. Among all the MagesNereida can stand the most damage and has the strongest ability to control the enemy.  The second skill Torrent is a primary one that it can stun a target for 2 rounds. It would be deadly to a tank or a damage dealer to the rear. What's more, there is a really high chance to trigger the skill. The third skill Dragon Soul can help increase physical defense and magic defense. With the help from the epic skill Dragon Heart which can passively increase HP, Nereida is able to stand fast in the front. The ultimate skill Summon Dragon can also cause considerable damage on the enemy in the rear and kill lower HP targets in a flash.

Nereida is very important in the later stages of the game. Effective control is the key to completely defeat the enemy. She works equally well on PvP and PvE teams.

How to getEdit

Nereida is available from the following locations:

Location Chance Energy
Cloud City(H) 42% 20
Inverted Cliff(H) 30% 12
Endless Sea(H) 30% 20
Arctic Furnace(H) 30% 20


Nereida Quality Upgrade Requirements
Quality Equipment
Common 10010 10060 10120 10110 10160 10020
Uncommon 20040 20060 10150 10030 10060 10120
Uncommon+1 30040 20300 20200 20030 10070 10030
Excellent 30170 30320 20170 20300 20000 10150
Excellent+1 30260 30220 30000 20280 20210 10150
Excellent+2 40260 30280 30240 30040 20120 20040
Epic 40230 40190 40040 30220 30150 30100
Epic+1 40290 40180 40100 30200 30170 30130
Epic+2 40350 40320 40010 40000 30280 30200
Epic+3 40380 40310 40260 40160 30220 30260
Epic+4 50150 50040 40370 40290 40190 40230
Legendary 50200 50090 50010 40350 40200 40100
Legendary+1 50260 50270 50140 50170 40310 40180
Legendary+2 50300 50310 50270 50200 50110 40340


Skill Description Effect
Summon Dragon
Awakens the Dragon's Power to deal great damage to enemies in the rear line. Damage+5
Release a flood by Dragon's Power to cause great damage to an enemy and stun him for two rounds. Damage+7
Dragon Soul
The inheritance of the dragon gives her a strong defense. Passive: Physical and Magic Defense+240
Dragon Heart
The inheritance of the dragon gives her a strong HP boost. Passive: Max HP+2750
Silver Dragon Scale
The blood of Silver Dragon is awakened, increaseing HP and grants damage reduction Increase HP and damage reduction by 20%




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