"I'm wearing the mask to block the Sun. Thanks for asking."


Appearing like a close combat fighter, she's actually a blade thrower. Throwing blades is usually how she wins her fights.

An archer with single target and row (front-to-back) damage


Chronicle Index
Ch 1: Castle Affairs (Rose Knight)
Ch 2: Magical Forest (Pyrona)
Ch 3: True Calling (Nightblade)
Ch 4: Evil Desire (Dark Paladin)
Ch 5: Adventures of a Princess (Nereida)
Ch 6: Echoes in the Temple (Lunar Priestess)

Chapter 3: True Calling
I was born into nobility and raised with a silver spoon in my mouth, but this type of carefree life was not what I desired. Reincarnated as The Night, ridding the world of evil was my true calling. Despite what I was, I am now known as Nightblade. I represent only myself.

First Combat
This will be the first time I go into real combat. I have the right gear but still I wonder how it's gonna go.

Seeking a Master
Haha! I have managed to make my name with only a few missions. The streets should be safe for a while. I should pay a visit to my mentor, I want to grow stronger!

Dire Emergency
My master's quarters have been occupied by Demons. It seems the rumors are true! I need to contact Atalanta for help.

Dragon Attack
There hasn't been any news of Atalanta for a long time. I think she must still be fighting the Demons. But a sudden dragon's roar meant I was completely wrong. I must save Atalanta!

Timely Reinforcement
The dragon's strength was far greater than we thought. Always thinking of the bigger picture, Atalanta suggested that I go seek help from the Angel in Ivalice while they occupied the dragon's attention. I must depart now!

Use on Your TeamEdit

Nightblade has a really high level of attack. That’s why players are not happy when they come up against her in Angel Trial. She would launch a heavy blow through a tank to the rear line, while also making the enemy bleed. Nightblade can work with Amazon Hunter and Arcane Spirit to cause massive damage on the enemy' rear row. However, her initial star level is rather low, meaning you will need to work on her development before she comes into her power.

Her ultimate and second skill's bleeding effects do stack.

While her attack is high, you will find yourself counting on the bleeding effect, as that will do more damage in certain rounds. Since her attacks do more damage to enemies who are already bleeding, you should equip Fire Relic sets and use heroes which can cause bleeding (e.g. Minotaur, Dark Paladin, etc.). While the Angel Alecta has an attack which can apply a bleeding effect, her max level is only 70 which reduces her usefulness over time.

Awakening gives her a nice boost to Dodge, but you shouldn't think that it can make her tank if you are fighting at your own level. Nightblade is like a glass cannon, it is rather easy to kill her. But keep in mind that even after she dies, the bleeding effect will still do serious damage over time.

In short term, she is not quite efficient against healers or tanks and she doesn't have a very high agility score, but she excels against enemy damage dealers - either killing them fast - or bleeding them slowly.

How to getEdit

Nightblade is available from the following locations:

Location Chance Energy
Bloody Gate(H) 30% 20
Arctic Beacon(H) 30% 20
Mist Valley(H) 30% 12
Dragon Youth(H) 30% 12


Nightblade Quality Upgrade Requirements
Quality Equipment
Common 10100 10030 10140 10010 10080 10020
Uncommon 20000 20020 10150 10040 10030 10080
Uncommon+1 30020 20170 20010 20020 10150 10010
Excellent 30180 30320 20210 20150 20020 10030
Excellent+1 30270 30230 30010 20250 20050 20010
Excellent+2 40240 30240 30180 30100 20250 20240
Epic 40210 40270 30200 30120 30010 20110
Epic+1 40300 40190 40020 30140 30210 30090
Epic+2 40360 40180 40120 30280 30140 30180
Epic+3 40340 40330 40240 30200 30240 30230
Epic+4 50160 50100 40190 30210 30240 30200
Legendary 50200 50160 50040 40340 40270 40000
Legendary+1 50260 50200 50160 50180 40340 40270
Legendary+2 50290 50300 50280 50210 50130 40390


Skill Description Effect
Tornado Blades
Casts spinging blade to damage enemies in a row twice and cause bleeding effect for 2 rounds. Damage+4
Nightblade has a chance damage enemies in a row and cause bleeding effect for 2 rounds
Does not stack with Tornado Blades
River of Blood
Nightblade can deal extra damage to bleeding units. Damage+348
A lifetime of practice makes her even more deadly. Passive: Attack+550
Assassin Blade
Increases her Hit Points and dodge chance Passive:HP+7500, Dodge+750




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