"My magic can tear you into pieces."..."Ah! oops!"


She is young and talented, a cute girl with sweet voice and a mischievous sense of humor. She always uses her magic to set off fireworks and play pranks. But watch out! Those fireworks are not just for fun, but also a weapon to crush the enemy.

A control mage with massive single target damage


Chapter 2: Magical Forest
I've been living in this magic-infused forest for as long as I can remember, but this was not my birthplace. I don't know where I came from, nor where I'm heading. Although I've always been with my clan, something out there is calling me...guiding me to Ivalice.

A Warm Welcome
While everyone was busy learning and researching magic, it was my first time to leave my tribe. I can no longer find the road back to my home since it is protected by magic. But this is not something I had to worry about at that time. I smelled the scent of the enemy.

Call of Duty
Ivalice is not far from the forest, I arrived at the outskirts of the city on the evening of the second day. I could see the Demon army moving toward the kingdom in the distance. I had to hasten if I were to defend Ivalice.

The Fall of Ivalice
I ran into the Green Ranger in front of the gates of Ivalice, we decided to go forth together. But we were too late, the kingdom had fallen and from the wounded we learned the king and queen were taken captive. We rushed forth to save the princess.

Danger Circumvented
Along the way, the presence of Demons grew ever stronger. We were exhausted when we finally found the princess along with the Rose Knight. We decided to run to the neighboring nation first.

Fallen Champion
I could feel an evil spilling out from the palace, even the hero's aura were being consumed. We had to flee at once!

Use on Your TeamEdit

Pyrona is a tank buster with the highest single target damage of all mages. The ultimate skill Fiery Blast can cause the same amount of damage as Night Sentinel. The second skill Polymorph allows Pyrona to control the enemy for 2 rounds while causing high levels of damage. It is deadly even to tanks. The third skill Flame Mastery increases the damage caused by the ultimate skill Fiery Blast. The epic skill Gift of Magic brings Pyrona a certain amount of Rage after casting Fiery Blast. In addition, Mages always restore Rage quickly. This means that Pyrona is able to keep up full Rage at the end of a battle in the Angel Trial.

Line Pyrona up across from the most dangerous enemy hero. She prefers to control/attack the hero opposite her in the front row of her opponents. If that slot is empty (which happens a lot after she nukes them for 400,000 damage!), she'll pick another random front-row enemy. Only after the front-row is completely down does she attack the back rows.

Like many high-DPS characters, Pyrona can feel a bit "squishy" in that she doesn't have a lot of HP or defense skills. Therefore you really need her to be in the back row behind a sturdy tank.

How to getEdit

Pyrona is available from the following locations:

Location Chance Energy
Road of the Brave(H) 30% 20
Nibelung(H) 30% 12
Deep Forest(H) 30% 12


Pyrona Quality Upgrade Requirements
Quality Equipment
Common 10060 10030 10130 10010 10020 10110
Uncommon 20040 20000 10160 10080 10030 10070
Uncommon+1 30000 20200 20080 20040 10150 10020
Excellent 30150 30360 20210 20120 20000 10130
Excellent+1 30290 30370 30120 20280 20010 20000
Excellent+2 40170 30240 30150 30040 20300 20080
Epic 40200 30220 30190 30200 30100 20290
Epic+1 40290 40270 40040 30240 30130 20050
Epic+2 40350 40200 40000 30170 30280 30190
Epic+3 40380 40310 40170 40120 30290 30130
Epic+4 50150 50030 40340 40320 40160 30280
Legendary 50220 50090 50070 40380 40170 40010
Legendary+1 50270 50220 50150 50170 40290 40190
Legendary+2 50300 50310 50260 50200 50120 40350


Skill Description Effect
Fiery Blast
Releases fire ball to cause damage, which is determined by the magic attack of both sides. Damage+20
Normal attack has a chance to cause extra damage and turn the target to a black sheep for 1 round. Damage+20
Flame Mastery
Flame magic can increase the damage of Fiery Blast. Damage+11%
Gift of Magic
Talented mages will regain a certain amount of rage when releasing Fiery Blast. Restore 110 rage for releasing Fiery Blast
Fire Blast
Pyrona adds 'explode' effect each time she casts Fire Blast (Target deals percentage damage of HP plus absolute damage to neighbouring heroes) Effects+20%




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