Rage is a mechanism where Heroes and Angels gather power. When their Rage gauge is full, they are able to use their Ultimate abilities. Heroes and Angels gather rage in slightly different ways.


Hero battle formation

A hero gather rage in three different ways:

  • A small amount of rage for every round where they attack or use one of their skills
  • A moderate amount of rage when they score a killing blow (also known as Terminate Rage)
  • When attacked, heroes gain an amount of rage proportional to the damage inflicted

Using RageEdit

Once their rage gauge (the yellow bar on the hero's icon in your team), they are able to fire their Ultimate ability. The hero's icon will be surrounded by a slight glowing effect to let you know that the ability is ready.

If you are manually controlling your team, you will need to click on the hero's icon to activate their ability. If you're allowing the team to fight automatically, they will fire their ability as soon as their rage gauge is full.

Controlled HeroesEdit

A hero who is stunned or otherwise controlled will not gain rage during the rounds that they are unable to act. Also, some heroes have skills which will disable rage gathering for an enemy for a given time no matter if they are otherwise controlled or not.

Skills Affecting Hero RageEdit

Some Angels and Heroes have skills which can reduce rage already on the enemy heroes and/or buff rage for the members of their own team. For example:

  • Hell Hound's Demon's Bite attack can steal rage from the enemy team and use it to power his own rage
  • Amora's Energy Tap skill steals rage from the enemy team and transfers it to her team's back row heroes.


Angel battle formation

Since they are never attacked directly, an Angel's rage generation is purely time based. Angels gather rage at the end of each round of combat. It takes 2 complete rounds for them to be able to use one of their skills.

When your team of Heroes is clearing content very quickly, this time based Rage generation can have the unintended consequence of your Angel never being in a battle long enough to fill her Rage bar and use her abilities.

Using Angel's RageEdit

Unlike Heroes who only have one Rage powered skill, both of the Angel's skills require Rage. If you're manually controlling combat, you will be able to choose which skill the Angel uses. If you're using Auto combat, the Angel will use her own judgement to choose a skill.

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