Research Center options

The Research Center is a Guild building that becomes available when the Guild reaches level 15. It allows members to donate gold or diamonds each day to improve the other buildings on the guild island. Each player can donate 40,000 gold a maximum of 5 times per day, and 250 diamonds a maximum of 3 times per day. Each donation gives the building 3 exp toward its next level and rewards the player with 300 Guild Devotion.

Building UpgradesEdit

Each of the Guild buildings unlocks at a different level and can be upgraded in two different ways:

Buffs for hired mercenaries
Increase the number of times mercenaries can be hired.
Feast Hall
Reduce the cost of hosting feasts
Increase the amount of stamina awarded by feasts
Increase the maximum number of guild members
Increase the rewards gained through guild battles (aka Wharf)
Training Ground
Increase the amount of exp provided to a guildmate's Hero/Angel by Training Ground boosts
Increase the gold received in return for boosting your guildmates
Wharf (three upgrade options)
Increase guild battle stats when attacking
Increase guild battle stats when defending
Increase hero attack during Wharf Boss fights
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