Rose Knight ★ Edit

"Not in the face! Not the face!"


Look at his soft and delicate skin. It is said that he really loves rose bath, which is where he gets his name from.

A decent tank for the early game with some support skills


Chapter 1: Castle Affairs
Greetings, I'm Blondie. Wait, you know me as Rose Knight, the most handsome man in all of Ivalice. I wish to write down all the little secrets of Ivalice Castle in this chronicle. I hope after seeing this little unofficial history of Ivalice Castle you can better understand all the inner-workings.

Dutiful Bodyguard
I was 16 when I first arrived at the castle, Princess Lizeea was still a baby. My first mission was to be her bodyguard and accompany her on a trip, but that day I was the one who got lost...

Method of Promotion
As someone new to the palace, the fastest way to climb the ladder and get recognition is to defeat your opponent! No tricks, no gimmicks. I vow to let Atalanta fall out of the King's grace.

Live Another 500 Years
Today is the 500th anniversary of the founding of Ivalice, the King has organized a fiesta. All champions are welcome to show their skill, I will do my very best.

Regent's Plot
Recently a new regent arrived at the castle, he looks like he is up to no good. I followed him and found out that he was in league with the King o' Bones of the Demon army. I have to stop him and whatever he's planning at all cost.

Dazzling Light
It is like a dream, surrounded by void. I walk ahead into the nothingness and a started to hear a whisper: "Champion, you have a power beyond your imagination, awaken now!" and then there was a blinding light.

Use on Your TeamEdit

As one of the five powerful Heroes for newbie players, he has the perfect passive skills which a tank needs. Rose Knight’s stats makes him suitable to be a reliable, qualified MT which can also cause considerable damage on the enemy. Rosesoul Blade can cause damage on more than one target and also control the enemy. You just need to send Rose Knight out to join the Arena and the Trials in time to get a lot of rewards. Rosemary can cause a high amount damage as well. However, The Royal Guardian’s Parry effect is not that great. There is only a small chance to halve any damage suffered.

Rose Knight can be used as an Uncommon Hero during the transition period. He falls behind other tanks in the mid-late game. In the endgame, when you start to develop your six-star Angels, he can become useful again as the Angel's Dodge buff helps his survivability.

Due to his future awakening skill which reduce 20% of damage taken, it is best to invest him after you finish your main team.

How to getEdit

Location Chance Energy
Temple Gate(H) 30% 20
Bloodbane(H) 30% 12
Lost Chance(H) 30% 12
Death Cave(H) 30% 12


Rose Knight Quality Upgrade Requirements
Quality Equipment
Common 10000 10010 10120 10040 10020 10170
Uncommon 20010 20020 10120 10150 10040 10000
Uncommon+1 30020 20210 20000 20070 10010 10030
Excellent 30160 30340 20130 20020 20250 10150
Excellent+1 30250 30200 30010 20270 20080 20020
Excellent+2 40190 30300 30140 30110 20130 20020
Epic 40220 40010 30280 30200 30160 30020
Epic+1 40310 40250 40020 30160 30230 20170
Epic+2 40340 40280 40150 30270 20230 20150
Epic+3 40370 40210 40280 40000 30200 30250
Epic+4 50140 50020 40370 40310 40240 30200
Legendary 50200 50130 50000 40300 40190 30230
Legendary+1 50280 50260 50130 50180 40330 40200
Legendary+2 50290 50300 50260 50200 50080 40340
Legendary+3 0004003 50140 50300 50080 50170 40340


Skill Description Effect
1000000 spell
Rosesoul Blade
Gorgeous palace fencing make rose blooms. Damage enemies in a row and stun them by chance for 1 rounds. Damage+8
Rose Knight summons a Light Sword dealing damage to random enemies. Damage+21
The Royal Guardian
Increases the parry and defense of the hero. Passive: Parry+120
Knights Spirit
The unyielding knight will increase his Max HP. Passive: Max HP+2750
Rose Blade
Gains incoming damage reduction, increase the target of 'Holy Sword' by 1 Damage Deduction by 20.0%



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