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The Snow Queen's cold heart was once in love, but alas it was with the wrong being. Her lover left her and her entire world turned to ice overnight. Extremely skilled with her bow, she now only targets the hearts of those who are stupid enough to love.

All-around archer with good damage as well as support skills


Chronicle Index
Ch 1: Castle Affairs (Rose Knight)
Ch 2: Magical Forest (Pyrona)
Ch 3: True Calling (Nightblade)
Ch 4: Evil Desire (Dark Paladin)
Ch 5: Adventures of a Princess (Nereida)
Ch 6: Echoes in the Temple (Lunar Priestess)

Chapter 11: Enchanting Ice
She is the Snow Queen. Like her power, she is a stunning beautiful with an icy cold personality. But underneath all that is an innocent child. No matter where she goes or what she sees, she always prefers the solidarity of her Snow Palace.

Snow Queen
I am born with the power to control ice and snow, but that does not make me cold.

Environment Pollution
Demon Lord's invasion made the world a dark place, including my nation. I am angry so I joined the Alliance.

Battle Emotions
I got a lot happier fighting with the Alliance, although most of the time I was fighting, but I am among friends

Trail of Frost
These demons give off an offensive smell, it's good they can't get close to me because I turn them into pieces.

Proud Queen
What? I am just pretty? Haha, fools, there is a power within me and it's about to awaken. I will make you change your mind.

Use on Your TeamEdit

She can be used as an assistant tank thanks to her high dodge and lower chance of damage in front of male Heroes. Players can have a try if they don’t have any better tanks. This Area of Effect (AoE) archer can work with Nereida, Astral Hunter, Demon Hunter and Byron the Black to cause a massive amount of damage.

Snow Queen was never meant to be a powerful damage dealer. This is clear from the fact that her equipment is mainly designed for Agility bonus. She can be the first one to attack to maximize the debuff effect. That's why Snow Queen is a generally used for strategy. However, Snow Queen can still cause massive amounts of damage.

The ultimate skill Frost Ball has the highest damage bonus out of all the Heroes, with each level being able to reach up to 50 points. This can make up for her lack of equipment stats. Meanwhile, it can bring Damage Negation debuff for the enemy to the rear.

Different from other archers’ second skill, Cold Cone can be triggered once every 2 rounds to cause considerable damage and also bring Damage Negation debuff. It helps Snow Queen to kill the enemy in the frontline even quicker.

The third skill Dropdead Gorgeous can largely increase Snow Queen’s ability to survive. The bonus of Dodge and Agility means that the Snow Queen can strike quickly but also has the same perfect Dodge effect as warriors’.

The epic skill Queen's Honor can increase the damage caused on female Heroes and decrease the damage suffered from male enemies as well. That’s why Snow Queen is always still standing at the very end.

How to getEdit

Snow Queen is available from the following locations:

Location Chance Energy
Hammer Fort(H) 42% 20
Ice Castle(H) 30% 20
Peace Zone(H) 30% 12
Titanhammer(H) 30% 16


Snow Queen Quality Upgrade Requirements
Quality Equipment
Common 10120 10010 10140 10110 10160 10000
Uncommon 20000 20060 20010 10140 10120 10020
Uncommon+1 30020 20250 20150 20010 20050 10030
Excellent 30140 30130 30060 20180 20110 10150
Excellent+1 30300 30230 30120 20240 20250 10150
Excellent+2 40270 30270 30140 30000 20210 20270
Epic 40210 40170 40000 30200 30180 20220
Epic+1 40300 40220 40130 30250 30140 30180
Epic+2 40360 40270 40180 40100 30280 30020
Epic+3 40370 40390 40210 40190 30210 30000
Epic+4 50160 50100 40310 40220 30200 30130
Legendary 50210 50160 50040 40360 40240 30200
Legendary+1 50280 50210 50130 50170 40310 40210
Legendary+2 50290 50300 50260 50200 50100 40390


Skill Description Effect
Frost Ball
Summons powerful frost orb to deal great damage to enemies in the rear line and decrease their attack. Damage+25, Decrease target Attack by 8.3%
Cold Cone
The Snow Queen chants a spells each 2 rounds summoning sharp icicle to damage enemies in the front line and decrease their defense. Damage+13, Decrease target Defense 8.4%
Dropdead Gorgeous
Enchant enemies with absolute beauty to increase her agility and dodge. Passive: Agility and Dodge+180
Queen's Honor
Aura of the Snow Queen decreases enemy morale. One time protection from being controlled. Increase 21% damage dealt to enemy female heroes.
Decrease 21% damage received from enemy male heroes.
Frost Pact
Channels power from the pact, greatly increasing crit and crit damage. Passive: increase750 points of crit and 750 points of crit damage.




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