Soul SlingerEdit

"Your powers belong to me!"


Soul Slinger comes from the Satyr race which is famous for the mastery of magic manipulation. Satyrs are originally the Highborne who followed the demons of Burning Legion. Burning Legion converts their loyal servants from Elf to Satyrs, and grants them the capacity to use evil magic resources. Since then Satyr become a magic race, and Soul Slinger is one of the most talented Satyr of his generation. However, he was converted under the influence of Angels and came to Angelic Land to fight evil side by side with the other heroes.

A strong DPS mage with control skills as well

Use on Your TeamEdit

We can say that this guy is the strongest Hero since the game was developed. "Why?" you ask. True, his first skill is not as strong as Pyrona but it can make the target unable to get healed or gain Rage. What does that mean? it means that Zweihander or other tank will get fold up in the enemy front column. It even works against Zweihander's immunity!

His second skill is a really dangerous one, it can remove anyone's rage and deals a lot of damage. Is pretty similar to Blazing Soul's Burning Flame skill but it hits 2 targets (verses her single target). His third skill increases damage and his fourth skill can gain regain rage really fast.

This combination makes Soul Slinger the best hero if you can develop him to 3+ stars. You may need a strong Guild so that you can earn tokens for the Guild Shop to develop him more quickly.

He is rather good against Elder Dwarf and any other hero types which needs rage badly to activate a skill. And he's vital in boss fights where every filled rage bar counts. Do fool yourself too much with warnings like "Females only recommended", with those skills, he'll help you a lot to survive harder quests and boss fights.

Unless you are doing a boss fight (particularly in Demon Invasion) where the boss can steal rage, you can use him in the front column. He is good enough with almost any Crest set, so you need to figure out which one is good for your actual tasks. Flash (agility) is recommended if you want him to hit first and stop enemy rage gathering even before it starts!

"It is not his damage output, what makes him important for your team, but the unique skills."

How to getEdit

Soulstones purchased from the Guild Shop.


Soul Slinger Quality Upgrade Requirements
Quality Equipment
Common 10060 10080 10120 10020 10010 10110
Uncommon 20060 20080 10150 10130 10060 10030
Uncommon+1 30000 20200 20090 20000 10050 10170
Excellent 30130 30040 20300 20290 20060 10150
Excellent+1 30240 30220 30000 30100 20210 20040
Excellent+2 40170 40080 30260 30060 20300 20040
Epic 40230 40100 40010 30290 30220 20050
Epic+1 40310 40260 40090 30260 30040 30080
Epic+2 40380 40190 40170 40100 30150 30130
Epic+3 40350 40280 40160 40000 30280 30220
Epic+4 50150 50050 40370 40290 40230 30200
Legendary 50220 50120 50030 40310 40250 30280
Legendary+1 50270 50200 50090 50190 40310 40230
Legendary+2 50300 50310 50260 50220 50110 40380


Skill Description Effect
Magic Stripping
Absorbs a target's soul and decreases the target's power.Damages the target and prevents the target from gaining HP and Rage within 2 rounds (Target resistance is calculated separately.Valid on a target which is immune to magic.) Damage+6
Magic Burning
A chance to trigger the skill each round to damage 2 random targets and also drain their Rage. Damage+8
Magic Amplification
Increase Mana and Magic Attack for yourself. Passive: Damage+240
Magic Circulation
Restore Rage every 2 rounds. Rage Regen+120



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