Tank is one of the four roles that Heroes can play. The others being DPS, Healer, and Support. Good team building typically requires Heroes and/or Angels that play each of these roles.

Note that because of the combat mechanics in League of Angels: Fire Raiders, there is no such thing as a tanking Angel.

The Tank's job is to absorb damage from the enemy's attacks. They stand as a wall between their team and the enemy. While a tank may have attack skills, their damage output is typically lower than a DPS character. Tanks can use either traditional damage mitigation (physical or magical armor) or avoidance skills (evading / dodging) to increase their survivability. They may also use Support skills such as stuns.

"Main" vs "Off" Tanks Edit

Tanks are often classified as being either "Main" or "Off" tanks. This is a carryover from MMORPG games where a main tank would engage the primary enemy in battle while the off tank may handle the boss's support troops.

Main Tank Edit

In LoA: FR, a main tank is usually a hero who can survive intercepting damage aimed at two lines of his team (the one he/she is on and the one beneath him/her in the team order).

Off Tank Edit

An LoA: FR off tank is a hero who has the skills to protect a single line of his/her own team from damage.

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