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Adventure Stage Information Box

This template provides a "sidebar" InfoBox with information about an Adventuring Stage.


The name of the Adventure stage.
  • Defaults to the same as the {{PAGENAME}} magic word.
Optional parameter to specify an image file to use in the infobox.
The tier (Normal, Elite, or Purgatory) for the Stage
  • Places the page into the Tier Stages category
The chapter # that the Adventure stage is part of.
  • Places the page into the Chapter chapter Stages category
The stage # of the chapter
unlock level=
The required League Level to unlock the stage.
The amount of Stamina required to attempt (or blitz) the stage.
  • If the tier is indicated as Purgatory, this value is replaced with the text "1 attempt".

Basic Usage

Type in this:

|name= Bloody Gate
|chapter = 14
|unlock level = 81
|energy = 10}}

Full Usage

Type in this:

|name = Bloody Gate
|tier = Normal
|boss = 108000.png
|chapter = 14
|stage = 3
|unlock level = 81
|energy = 10}}

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