• What do you think about how I added the bold capital letters to the {{ItemNav}}? I felt like it makes it easier to find a page if you're looking for a specific item.

    On the Adventure Stages, I've been trying to figure out if there is a good way to name the pages so that it's easier to find them. When they are sorted (alphabetically) on the category pages (e.g. Category:Chapter 6 Stages), they typically aren't in the proper order for the chapter.

    We could preface the name with something like:

    It would help keep them sorted well, but I'm not sure about how it would look to people who don't understand why their listed that way.

    I was also going to add the tier (Normal, Elite, Purgatory) to the {{InfoboxStage}} as well, then I'll have it set a category like "Normal Stages", "Elite Stages", "Purgatory Stages".

    Last thing on the Stages stuff. Take a look at my {{BattleFormation}} template. It may help with standardizing the look of the battle lines to match our other tables.

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    • I really like the capital letters on the itemnav. It makes it much easier to find an item.

      For the adventure categories, i think there is a way to add a custom sort key like this: [[Category:Category Name|Sortkey]]

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    • i think we should rename the field stage to name, then i can add the stage numbers to the infobox and it can auto-generate the sortkeys for all of the categories.

      {{cat | Adventure Stages | {{{tier}}} {{{chapter}}} {{{stage}}} }}
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    • That's a good idea! I was thinking too that the AdventureNav template does have things in order as well.

      We may also be able to figure out a way to add "navigation buttons" to the Infobox to move back and forth between stages.

      Did you see that I added the Tier navigation to InfoboxStage? Checkout Watchtower and Ghost Spire for examples. Took a while to figure out how to make that work only when the other pages exist. :)

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    • Oh, in my "spare" time, I'm also trying to categorize our Image files. A couple of times I've wanted to see all of the Hero Images or Angel Images and it's not easy browsing the Image library.

      I'm using the AutoWiki Bot to apply categories while I'm watching TV or doing laundry or something. :)

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    • I've done a test with Category:Chapter 6 Stages, using the sortkeys. It appears to only work on the list view.

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    • Do we have a page somewhere listing our image categories?

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    • I see you've already created the "rollup" Category:Images. :)

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    • A FANDOM user
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