1. Changed the Infobox template slightly
      1. Created a Portable Infobox Theme called "stage" which uses a narrower box
      2. Removed the multi-day thing since even though Warriors are on Monday and Thursday, the stages aren't the same
      3. Set the template to know when the tiers (I, II, III, etc.) unlock so we don't have to provide the level
    2. Made it so the tiers on each day could be transcluded into the day's page.
      1. Let's us maintain the loot and enemies on the Day/Tier pages and have the Day page update automatically
      2. See Hero Trial/Monday and Hero Trial/Monday/I for an example.
    3. Applied the templates to some of the pages which were still using static tables.
    4. Added a "previous/next" navigation to the top of each Daily Trial page
    5. Created a couple of pages where the Enemies were on the "Day" page, but the /Tier page didn't exist.
    6. A few other minor cleanups of typos, etc.
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