• Thanks for all the data updates. A lot of pages to go through and refresh. Appreciate all that hard work.

    I noticed on a couple of heroes that their skill descriptions changed (probably aligning the text with how the skill has actually been working); so I'm going through to see if any of the Roles I had defined in the infoboxes based on descriptions need changed as well.

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    • No, i think you're looking at a bug in my script, that i'm working on fixing. I stupidly used the icon id's as an identifier, and they are not unique to each hero... Some hero's have the exact same skill icon.

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    • Oh. I had noticed like on Crimson Rose that her Particle Bomb skill changed from

      Greatly damages your opposite hero in the back row and lowers hit chance for 2 turns.


      Greatly damages the back row and lowers hit chance for 2 turns

      So I thought that it was an AOE attack against the whole back row instead of just a single attack against the enemy in back that is directly opposite her.

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