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"You know that man's blood is acid."
"Time is a nothing but a hunting knife."


Zweihander is the best swordsman in the kingdom. He likes to keep quiet but is always focused on his honor. He wears his armor all the time. No matter if you are friend or foe, you can only see his piercing eyes. Wielding his huge sword, he truly believes he can guard the entire kingdom himself. It’s only a fool that would underestimate his armor-clad determination.

Trivia: "Zweihander" is German for "two hands" and refers to warriors who wielded massive swords on the battlefield
A powerful tank, who can control his enemies while being immune to their control himself.


Zweihander is a powerful tank in League of Angels: Fire Raiders. He is among the best of all the tanks. He can stand in the center of the front-line absorbing damage and shielding his allies. Zweihander is still remarkable in the later stages of the game. It is not hard to upgrade Zweihander’s star level. You can purchase his Soulstones directly from the Arena Shop. These are all reasons why many of the players in the game select this particular great Hero.

Sword Master (his Ultimate skill)
Applies an amazing Attack bonus, HP bonus and damage negation buff for himself.
It makes Zweihander as firm and durable as a mountain in the front-line.
The effect of being immune to magic makes him able to easily deal with any control skill.
Sweep All (2nd skill)
Allows Zweihander to perfectly defend and cause a considerable amount of damage as well.
The skill also has a chance to stun a target.
Toughness (3rd skill)
Increases his max Hit Points (HP).
Martial Will (4th skill)
Large boost to his Parry ability. When successful, Parry reduces incoming damage.

Zweihander is a reliable choice if you want to clear instances and challenge rivals in the Arena. As with many strong Main Tanks, Zweihander’s only noticeable weakness is his very low damage output.

Zweihander can be paired with Djinni and Mermaid. This formation is essential to complete a trial. It is also a good idea if Zweihander works with Heroes who have a high level of attack, such as Night Sentinel, Earthshaker, Pyrona and Demon Hunter.

The counter to Zweihander is Pyrona who's control skill is able to get past his resistance. When coming up against such a team, Zweihander is wise to bring along Exorcist to cleanse Pyrona's Polymorph spell.

How to GetEdit

Purchased from the Arena Shop.


Zweihander Quality Upgrade Requirements
Quality Equipment
Common 10030 10040 10150 10140 10090 10000
Uncommon 20010 20020 10170 10150 10040 10010
Uncommon+1 30000 20140 20170 20020 10000 10140
Excellent 30140 30110 20210 20270 20150 10150
Excellent+1 30250 30210 30010 20310 20170 20130
Excellent+2 40240 30280 30140 30110 20210 20220
Epic 40210 40160 30250 30130 30050 20250
Epic+1 40330 40190 40250 40110 30140 30020
Epic+2 40370 40280 40140 40020 30250 30200
Epic+3 40340 40250 40240 40160 40180 30130
Epic+4 50140 50110 40390 40020 30280 30390
Legendary 50210 50080 50060 40280 40210 40020
Legendary+1 50260 50200 50110 50180 40300 40180
Legendary+2 50290 50300 50280 50210 50140 40340


Skill Description Effect
Sword Master
Increases the HP limit, while boosting immunity and reducing the effect of injuries sustained for 2 rounds Max Hp+150, Attack+30, Decrease Damage by 10.5%
Sweep All
The large saber deals damage to the enemies on the front line and may stun 1 random enemy. Damage+20
The hero's strong will Grants him high HP. Passive: Max HP+1200
Martial Will
The armor blessed by divine light can block attacks to protect its owner. Passive: Parry+275




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